Ballast Water Treatment & Engine Scrubbers

With environmental concerns and regulation increasing, cruise and ferry operators will need to act to ensure they comply with ballast water and emissions standards.  Equipment suppliers continue to predict bottlenecks in supply and this could lead to installation delays. Houlder is a fully independent company with the expertise to review your requirements and achieve compliance. We have the capability to review your operations, scan the vessel in 3D and plan, design and manage any system installations.

Project Management 

Our project managers are highly experienced in liaising with ship owners, equipment suppliers and shipyards to ensure the installation of systems runs smoothly. Having worked on a wide range of vessels, and with 30 years of consultancy experience, we understand how important it is to ensure installations are completed to schedule and work first time.

Houlder’s engineering and design knowhow is backed by disciplined project management, works supervision and professional services. Houlder acts as owner representative, technical advisor and works supervisor during marine new build and major upgrade projects. Services include plan approval through to yard inspection, commissioning and warranty management. Suitably qualified and experienced personnel can be deployed to all the global centres of shipbuilding including Europe and South East Asia.

Feasibility and Equipment

As an independent company, we are ideally placed to help you select the most suitable equipment to meet your specific needs. With an increasing range available, gaining a quick understanding of what manufacturer and model is best for you could be crucial for success.

It is also possible that new equipment is not required, or that it is smaller than first thought. We will work with you to understand your operations and will advise cost savings wherever possible. By working with you, we can select the Ballast Water Management solution that is best suited to the vessel and its operations. With our engineering expertise, we can minimise the risks involved in implementing it.
Many vessels have crowded engine rooms with little space for new equipment. Part of our approach is to scan the vessel using 3D techniques. We can then assess the space available and design an optimised installation solution to suit. By surveying and 3D scanning the engine room, Houlder can ensure that the desired solution fits and can also ensure any additional pipes do not impede normal daily operations. We do this by converting the 3D scan into a model that can check installation feasibility and feed into detailed design work.

Our engineers design piping & cable runs in and around existing and new equipment ahead of time, potentially saving time in dock. This is aided by gaining a full understanding of vessel operations and space constraints in advance.

We also gain a full understanding of the available and necessary power. We can design modifications to minimise the effect on existing equipment or operations.

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